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April 30, 2021
4:00–7:00 p.m.
Virtual event LIVE right here on this site!


Beaver Country Day School is hosting its second annual TEDx event on April 30.

The theme is Hope For Tomorrow, with the intention to generate optimism and action as we build our post-pandemic future. There is room to include a plethora of ideas, including voice, change, creativity, growth, reflection, movement, and of course, hope. TEDxBeaverCountryDaySchool acts as a springboard for action by hosting powerful speakers and challenging previous ways of thinking and doing.  



Corey Predella

In this factual and educational talk, 15-year-old Beaver student Kyla Sheedy-Goff defines what it means to have white privilege and emphasizes how having white privilege isn’t a bad or negative thing. She also touches on the different types of privilege and why there is a stigma on white privilege. Kyla gives factual and personal examples on racial discrimination and what it is like to be a person of color in a Predominately White Institution.


Nadya Ansari

How do you make change? This talk is about the first steps towards becoming a better changemaker, whether it's in your school, your town meeting, your Governor’s office, or your nation’s capital. Drawing from his personal experiences organizing on the Biden campaign and working for Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) on climate policy in D.C., Chris explains how to tell if change is possible and how to maximize your impact. Finally, he implores you to start small and start now.


Reggie Brothers

“Sometimes you have to sit in the mud ... At times alone, and at times together.” Dr. Kaplan will explain how this metaphor represents her belief that finding the courage to sit in the mud -- meaning, opening oneself to being vulnerable with ourselves and others -- opens doors to unlimited possibilities in every aspect of our lives. She will share how her personal journey of loss and healing propelled her into the professional field of childhood bereavement, and what she has learned along her journey. She wants to share the message that we create healing through connection and vulnerability.


Gianna Filippou

Youth activism and innovation are at all time highs. Young women are leading those efforts. They have stories to tell, expertise to share, voices that need to be heard. But they are not connected to the platforms they deserve. In her talk, 17 year old Egyptian-American Jana shares her experience as a young woman mobilizing for change. Her goal? Ensure young women are actively contributing their voices to the spaces we need them most.

Whitney Koch

In this talk, Max Thomson explores humanity’s dangerous tendency to follow the harmful moral codes of past generations and tells his story about how he connected with his own morality and why he is encouraging others to do the same. He presents a possible solution to combat our decaying moral independence in the hope to revitalize powerful and purposeful moral change.

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