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THANK YOU so much for coming to our second annual TEDxBeaverCountryDaySchool!
A huge thank you to all of our speakers, and all of the special people that helped make this happen. 
A special shout out to: 
Red Sky Studios, DaVideo Company, Keith Foreman, Mr. Adjout, Mr. Simon, Ms. Weiland, Ms. Latour, Ms. Tancreti, Ms. Trask, Mr. Moussa, Mr. Ovando, Lila Goldstein, Ms. Goldstein and so many more!


Abby Burgess, Max Schreiber, & Eliana Verdi, Event Organizers

Vision & Voice

Jana Amin

Reconnecting with Our Own Morality

Max Thomson

A Guerrilla Gardener in South Central LA

Ron Finley (Official TED Talk)

Creating Healing through Connection & Vulnerability

Dr. Jenny Kaplan

We are the Future: Being a POCl in a PWI

Kyla Sheedy-Goff

The Next Outbreak? We're Not Ready.

Bill Gates (Official TED Talk)

Fe, Esperanza y Caridad (Faith, Hope and Charity)

Yolanda Wilcox González

Change 101

Chris Avila

Closing Remarks

Abby Burgess, Max Schreiber, & Eliana Verdi


Beaver Country Day School is hosting its second annual TEDx event on April 24.

The theme is Hope For Tomorrow, with the intention to generate optimism and action as we build our post-pandemic future. There is room to include a plethora of ideas, including voice, change, creativity, growth, reflection, movement, and of course, hope. TEDxBeaverCountryDaySchool acts as a springboard for action by hosting powerful speakers and challenging previous ways of thinking and doing.